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FS: JUNOST-21 soviet keytar poly synth

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Hola! I'm selling Junost - 21 in very good condition. Junost - 21 it's polyphonic synthesizer/strings. In the complete set to synth an original case, an external power unit, connecting cord. It runs on 220V AC.

This synth has grip on the left side out of body, for use like a guitar. It has 4 octave keyboard starting from F till E (velocity sensitive). Control knobs on the grip - unison/chorus switch;- volume fader;- pitch bend fader;- octave switch.

Synthesis sections: - TUNING zone: 2 X small screws for tuning; - MODULATIONS zone: depth; frequency; delay; switch between filter/oscillator; - FILTER zone: range; brightness; depth; - ENVELOPE zone: attack; decay; level; - PRESET zone (this synth has some presets, but presets can be turned on or off; keyb control knob; screen - 2 digi/number led - showing bank/preset as well as small 'commas'indicating if preset is turned off and if keyb contrl is turned off; on/off switch; - CONNECTIONS: this one has just 2 X 5din connectors. One is output, the other is AC in.

For any questions: de_auto@bmwe30.net

Location: Belarus

Shipping: worldwide (ask for your country)

Asking $299 usd

I'm selling this synth on ebay: JUNOST-21 soviet analog keytar poly synth - eBay (item 320349681341 end time Mar-20-09 13:21:59 PDT)





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