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hughes and kettner trilogy for sale

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Hey folks, I'm selling my hughes and kettner Trilogy, 100Watt valve head.

I tried listing this on here once before but didnt get any successful buyers that time.

It has 4 channels all footswitchable with 4 way footswitch-

Clean (w/sparkle switch on amp)

Crunch (w/boost switch on amp)


Ultra (shares EQ and Volume with the Lead channel)

It has a 'smart FX loop' that can be assigned to specific channels and used with stomp box FX or rack FX. The amp can also be controlled by MIDI.

Its been a brilliant amp and can reportedly do any genre of music justice (i say reportedly because...well i cant).

i'm only selling it because i need money for a custom build guitar. Its been gigged quite a bit and has a few cosmetic dings. It has been serviced once before. It also comes with a brand new, unused footswitch.

I'd prefer it as a 'pickup only' to keep this easy. I'd also gladly meet at a rehearsal space to demo it etc. Plenty of pics available

Finally, im looking for no less than 600 for it. any takers?

P.S. did i mention...IT GLOWS BLUE!! :up:


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Stick it on eBay - I sold mine within 45 minutes of listing in a "Buy It Now" sale.

As a bonus, the winner bought the matching cab in a private sale.

Job done!

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