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Boxing itv4

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Gotta love ITV4 on a saturday night.....

Tyson Fury v Lee Swaby

Tyson fury last night was pretty good again. Just wish he would knock someone out instead of every fighter giving up and getting it stopped.....

Winner Tyson Fury

Macklin v Elcock

Wow with all the potty mouthing Elcock was doing i thought he was gonna go out and nail Macklin but alas he didnt and macklin showed him what his young skills can do....There both good friends so no doubt will be celebrating with each other

Winner Macklin


Amir Khan v Antonio Barrera

There was a clash of heads in the first round which cut barera badly.....It went another 4 rounds after the 1st untill the ref called the doctor over to look at barrera whom stopped the fight.....Khan looked impressive in the 5 rounds and was dominating with 5punch combos...

Winner Khan

Thought id type that up for you boxing fans who didnt happen t catch it last night...

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I was gutted watching barrera getting beaten...a ghost of his former self. he needs to retire. Khan is so fast, and roach as ironed out the weaknesses in his game.

Barrera made a good pint though - the cut was just as bad in the 6th (when it was stopped) as the 1st. So why wasn't it stopped in the first and the outcome may have been different. It wasn't that khan was hurting him...he just couldn't see him coming.

Fair play to khan though - as much as i don't like him he's very good fighter.

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