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new material etc.

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instead of jumping in with "statue are pish, you guys should just FOAD" as we're used to,

hows about telling us what works? what, if anything, you like about it. what to expand on and what to avoid with what we have so far.

i can't promise we'll take it on board but if its a reasonable suggestion like. "the riff in 'that song' is killer, go with something like that and try some 6/8 timing" then cool we'll give it whack.

if it's SOMething like "give up", "become a wedding band" etc etc. then please don't waste your time or ours. im sure chi and brymon will be happy to tell you what they think of you and your response but i really dont want this to become an imfamous 'statue thread'.

chulz mins.


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New Material Noo.

Not the greatest quality but probably the best you'll get with a camcorder in Tom's!!

Anyway here they are:




Hopefully a lot more in the way of new tunage soon!!

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id say forget listening to the untitled one. its not near finished and that was played very bad. just hay a wee listen to DyingVain (thats how its supposed to be spelt (i just made that up now))

its o reet for being done on a camera eh!?


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