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She's also a pretty good laugh as well, based on her recent performance on Charlie Brooker's screenwipe :love:

Yep. She was on some panel show a while ago too and came across really well.

As an almost related point... what's with Charlie Brooker's friendship with Aislyne from Big Brother? Apparently they met whilst filming Screenwipe and are now best friends. I dunno why I find that fascinating.

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Any Call of Duty single player is just a distraction from playing online. Our clan has just got a modded WaW server up and running with custom maps and it boots the arse of the standard game out of the box.

CoD4 did have a damned good single player, but the shift from WWII spoiled it for a lot of clans and the online play suffered. It was too much of a game for the Red Bull kids. It was ace fun didging about with night vision on though.

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