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New Star Trek Movie

Guest Bob

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Must say, never really liked the idea of going back and doing an origin story, but I saw the trailer today for the first time and it looks, well.... um... good.


YouTube - Star Trek 2009 - Movie Trailer 3 (released March 7, 2009)

I saw the trailer before Watchmen on Saturday and must say i think it could be either really good, or really terrible, i slightly worried they've taken all of the best bits and stuck then into the trailer, and not sure I see Zachary Quinto as anything but Sylar.

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I just hope they're not gonna take the piss...

A romulan travels back in time to kill Kirk, followed by an older model (old Spock) who tries to help the humans and his younger self.

They're not taking the piss, just remaking Terminator 2.

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