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GTAIV: The Lost and the Damned


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Anyone downloaded it?

I was at a lose end this weekend so I downloaded it, despite my contempt for the GTAIV campaign. Got to say I'm enjoying it a lot more. I'm having a lot more fun with the missions and the characters are good again, they've introduced a simple Road Rage style thing to the racing which makes it a hundred times better. Had some nice tie-in's with the Nico Belic story and saw the poly-modelled penis of a politician too.

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I just finished this recently (10 hours to complete, minus all the sidequests) and I have to agree with Dayeth - the missions are MUCH more enjoyable then the main campaign, and the new choons added were a good bonus. The Gang Wars were great fun, but I was shite at the Road Rash-style races. The bike handling has definitely improved for the choppers, however the superbikes still handle like shit.

Whether or not it is worth 1600 Microsoft points would obviously be dependant on how much you enjoyed GTA IV first time, but I have to say that it is probably the most well-done piece of downloadable content out there (except Team Fortress 2's updates of course :p).

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