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Vocalist etc.


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About us:

We are a four piece band based in (roughly) the New Deer area.

Comprising Vox (female), Guitar, Bass and Drums. We have gigged several times and have been well recieved.

Ranging in age from 27-44

We have all our own decent gear and rehearsal space.

Currently playing an eclectic mix of covers, but we are well up for throwing some original stuff into the set in future (I have written/recorded some stuff).

We are not into playing every weekend, as we all have lives/familes etc. but gigging once or twice a month is reasonable. We believe in a balance of "getting it right" and having fun. None of us is a virtuoso but we are certainly all solid and competent.

We are looking for another vocalist primarily. This would allow our current vocalist to possiby play keyboards (and take some of the load off the guitar lol) and generally beef up the harmonies.

So, if you are a decent singer (male or female, age unimportant - if you're good enough you are old/young enough etc) then we would love to hear from you. If you can play another instrument then that would certainly be a bonus but by no means essential- vox is the priority.

Please reply by PM if interested.

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