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Going on holiday to Marseille on Monday, can't wait! Has anyone been?


Been there for a very brief visit.


Vieux Port (harbor area - very pretty)

Cours Estienne D'orves (loads of bars and restaurants)

Skate park next to plage vieille chappelle (fucking amazing - very iconic landmark if you're into skating)


Word of advice...If you're a fumbling police inspector chasing a band of german theives, dont jump into a souped up taxi unless you're ready for a series of pratfalls, thrills, chills and spills.*









*Taxi reference

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someones review of chung hwa on great northern road from just eat: 




4/05/2013 - 17:34 Bradley from aberdeen
The king prawn omelet was so good i took one bite and it blew my cock off. My girlfriend also had some and due to the sheer amount of testosterone she simultaneously grew a beard and a dick, which was then blown clean off. In conclusion its fucking gorgeous.


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Guest Young Adolesent

the first sunny stonehaven folk festival for a few years was definitely ace-ic.  great times were had. 

dam when was it i love folk festivals? 

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Guest Young Adolesent

just this weekend, it was great.  happens every year about this time and is usually a good laugh with sessions in all the pubs and main concerts in the town hall.  

wish i knew i wouldve loved that great weather for it too

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Yeah, a lot harsh actually.


I have seen that same girl like four times in the last few days, which is kinda weird. Maybe she's stalking me or something.

have you been about town? she works in town? or maybe down summerhill? Or are you the kind of guy, like me, who seems to attract ex, or soon to be, lesbians?

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