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Why do they all have beards...?

Think it might have something to do with publicity after being charged & coming to trial?

A former colleague was done for sex offences a few years back & between being charged & the trial, he grew a huge chunk of face fuzz. Which was shaved-off once he was eventually released.

Maybe thought his neighbours wouldn't recognise him, despite his identity being well known in his smallish town?

It will be too long to post any links but another thing to remember is that there have been several instances of authorities down south getting difficult offenders off their books by simply buying them a ticket to somewhere in Scotland. Often with very little by way of information exchange with the authorities up here.

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Maybe he came up to do his christmas shopping, if you're a rapist sometimes things get in the way.

Maybe he was looking for raping paper for the pressies and decided to get a book, don't waterstones do a raping service?

poor i know

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