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12.30am Curfew?


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I'm not sure if there is a correct forum anywhere here for such a topic but I only just heard about this and figured I'd spread the word in case anyone else was in the same boat.

Basically the council is trying to take the lazy, cheap option to solve anti-social behaviour by introducing a curfew. Someone sent me the link to a petition to prevent this from happening. Theyve got about 1600 signatures at the moment but Im not sure how many they need. Read below, follow the link and sign it if you think this is as stupid as I do...

"Don't let Aberdeen City Council Licensing Board hit the final nail in Aberdeen's coffin by creating a 12.30am curfew!

From September this year, Aberdeen City Council will pass a law that will see every pub and club in Aberdeen close its doors at 12.30am to the public. This will mean that members of the public will not be admitted to the premises after this time.

The Council is of the opinion that this will prevent customers who intend to drink alcohol after 1am from drifting between premises and/or remaining on the streets with the potential for anti-social behaviour and public nuisance.

However, look at the other side of the story. What sort of detrimental effect will this have on pubs and clubs as a business? How many people will be left stranded with nowhere to go on a night out, thus increasing the number of people roaming the streets? How busy will queues for clubs be between 11pm and 12.30pm thus increasing the chance of a volatile situation arising? How does a curfew stop people drinking themselves silly?

How do you monitor who has been in before and who is going outside for a smoke etc?"

Stop the 12.30am curfew in Aberdeen Petition



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