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Where To Buy Cymbals?


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My music shop, Rockapotamus Music, in Inverurie actually has a cymbal sale on-going just now. Clearing out some of the old stock to make room for new. So there are a few odd's & sod's in there (Zildjian etc.) - moving forward we'll be concentrating on Sabian & TRX. In terms of sets we can get sets of Sabians - I know we have XS20 sets in just now. Generally though we are happy to make up sets out of what's there - which can offer a decent bit of flexibility. The TRX's are pretty awesome actually - well worth a listen even if it's not them you're primarily interested in.

If you get the chance, come in and have a shot. The shop address is 70 West High Street, Inverurie.

Cheers for now,


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R&B are almost all Zildjian oriented.

As for packs, 2nd hand ZBT set with extra 14" crash and cymbal bag at 139 just now. Got another ZBT pack at 199. (these are old prices, the ZBTs are now ~300).

Used to do the Planet Z set at 79 but the price is nearly 200 now which is not worth it for what you are getting.

Otherwise, it's mostly cast cymbals we have.

Feel free :)

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Shop around would be my advice.

For the last few years, I've bought all my cymbals online....as I've always found cymbal prices in Aberdeen to be pretty high, presumably because R&B and Bruce Millers keep pretty small stocks.

Just bought a new 17" K-Custom crash on eBay....was about 30 cheaper than any of the big drum superstores down south (eg. Birmingham drum centre, Wembley etc).....plus got free shipping.

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