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WANTED: Drum Mics

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Looking for a set of drum microphones for recording, i know this might be a bit of a long shot so that's why i am not giving any specifics, just if anyone has anything they want to get rid of let me know what you've got.

Ideally it would be to effectively record my 5 piece kit.


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Drum Mics

Hey man, I have some Superlux drum mics that I have and I don't use.

I have:





And there's a padded case thing too.

I had a mixer, but I don't use that stuff anymore, I live in a flat in Dundee for uni, so drums are game over here :(

Anyway, I have a small mic stand for the kick mic and little clip things to hold them on to the toms and snare. I have all the leads, some are XLR-XLR and some are Jack-XLR.

The mics were 180 new and I'm not sure about the leads.

Going on tour in April, so I need some money for that lol

Here's some info:

Superlux SL-Drkb5C2 7 Microphone Drum Kit Set from Superlux @ Inta Audio - The Online Music Shop

If you think you'd be interested, just give me a shout!



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