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copy haho online shop / few videos and stuff

RF Scott

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Hi there!

So, our new EP won't be in shops until March 2nd - however! You can buy it at our new online shop, for immediate dispatch! COPY HAHO — Home

Also, we filmed an "acoustic" performance for Clash music, which you van find at The Latest Music News, Reviews, Videos, Downloads, Gig Tickets, Fashion and Features | Clash Music, and there's a piece on Drownedinsound today, which states that we're from 'Whitehaven' - http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4136297


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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree
Nice work.

Get your t-shirts added.

I need a new t-shirt; might as well make it a Copy Haho one.

I'll sell you a t-shirt which says "the underkills will change your life". Guaranteed to make you most punchable scenester 2010... ;)

Sorry - back on point. I ordered the Copy Haho CD a while ago, hopefully be with me by the weekend so I can stick it on my car on repeat :)

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What's the usual timescale between ordering and posting?

From our online shop? Orders placed at the weekend/on Monday were posted yesterday, if that's a good indication? They'll be posted no more than two days after order is placed (I might have work the day after you order, don't finish in time to get to post office!).

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