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Taken any interesting photos?

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Want to see it on a CD cover? We've got our second EP coming out soon and we're looking a front cover image. It's doesn't have to be high quality, or taken in perfect light or any of that shit - just something that you'll look at it and think it's interesting. We'll play about with it before it goes on the cover anyway.

I'd like something that represents the seedier side of life in the city, or something beautiful that has been corrupted (or could become corrupted) - the theme being that society's "undesirables" (hookers, junkies, thieves etc) were at one time, innocent children and the apple of their parent's eye.

But really anything interesting will do.

If you've got anything that you think would fit the bill and you wouldn't mind us using, please forward to cobrakairock@googlemail.com


Lucky off of Cobra Kai

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