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Flowers Of Hell + Wounded Knee + Sumisumi @ The Tunnels, 25th Feb

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apologies for the late notice...we won't do it again!

interesting music promotions present


Wednesday 25th February

The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. Phone (01224) 211121

Doors 8pm | Entry 6 on door



With half of the band based in London and the rest in Toronto, the Flowers Of Hell are a trans-Atlantic rock orchestra made up of 16 or so experimental independent musicians. They mix orchestral and rock instrumentation while mainly creating wordless pieces that explore the meeting points of classical and blues-based music. Their name comes from the old blues ideal that the pleasure of the listener is born from the misery and toil of the musician.

Second album, Come Hell Or High Water (due out in the UK and Canada in March/April 09), has somehow turned out rather epic. It took a full year of work and involved recording 30 musicians in over 40 sessions that were pulled together in London, Toronto, Prague, Detroit, and Abilene, Texas. A lot of the people on it have been members or sideplayers in acts vastly larger than Flowers Of Hell, including the Patti Smith Group, John Cales band, Spiritualized, Spacemen 3, British Sea Power, Bat For Lashes, Broken Social Scene, The Earlies, Guided By Voices, The Clientele, Primal Scream, Do Make Say Think, The Hidden Cameras, The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa, Tindersticks, The Early Years, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra amongst others. But theyre certainly no supergroup - more of an amalgamation of sideplayers with a few mainmen brought in as guests.

The Flowers Of Hell was started by Greg Jarvis as a studio project in 2002, expanded into a live band in London in 2005, and extended across the ocean to Toronto in 2008. Released in the UK and Japan, the 2006 self titled debut received critical praise for creating classical tangents from The Velvet Underground & Nico and the late Spacemen 3/early Spiritualized sound. It was produced by Tim Holmes of Death In Vegas at the Contino Rooms with guestwork from Spacemen 3s Sonic Boom. In 2008 the full four parts of the track Opus 66 were released by the Awkward Silence label on a split EP with former Spaceman and Spiritualized bassist Will Carruthers.

For this show, a slimmed down seven piece will perform.



During 2008, Wounded Knee's live style mediated toward improvised journeys into vocal realisation with performances reaching an almost primal level. The latest album Shimmering New Vistas covers all bases with a sonic mix of song, spoken word and sound effects drawing influences from as far afield as Gaelic psalm, improv and throat techniques a la Bobby McFerrin and even scat. At the heart, a modern symbiosis of folk and mantra, culminates in an album that is unique, playful and captivating.



Andy Smith = Andy Da Kipp = Sumisumi. Imagine sadly-missed local experimental drone improvisers Mickel Mass. Then divide by four.


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The slimmed down line-up includes:

Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuck viola

Greg Jarvis guitar & piano

Barry Newman bass & harmonica

Ian Thorn trumpet

Sean Berry drums

Jeremiah Knight - guitar

Karl Regler organ

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