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I've been playing guitar for around 20 years now but for the last 10 of those years I've been stuck in a rut that I would like to get myself out of. I'm entirely self taught and apart from a few scales and snippets I've picked up over the years I know next to nothing about music theory. I've also never been particularly disciplined about practicing - I do play every day, but there's no particular structure or purpose to what I do. I play mostly rock, with a sprinkling of blues and a tiny pinch of funk.

So, I'm looking for someone who can teach me some theory and help me get out of the rut I'm currently in.

I've come across the following names (on this forum and elsewhere), but not sure who's good:

George Norval, Keith Mitchell, Colin Black, Stuart Hossack, Scott Cruickshank

Anyone got any advice?

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I can recommend both Stuart Hossack & Scott Cruickshank. Both really good guys and amazing players. Stuart teaches at Chalmers Mackay Music School both in Inverurie & Dee Street in Aberdeen - to enquire about his availability you contact the music school on 01467 629637. I believe that Scott works out of Musical Vision in Aberdeen, so you would get hold of him there.

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Guitar Tutor

Come to the Inverurie School of Music !! Alan will be able to help - he's played professionally for years in London and he knows his stuff. We can arrange a free trial for you and after that its just 14 per lesson payable weekly (no monthly or termly charges)

Call 01467 629996



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