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Favourite 5 Beatles songs.

Edgar Graham

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I love how at the height of The Beatles success they were popular with everyone across all ages and interests. I don't believe another band will ever achieve that.

You're right with that. I can't see anyone else achieving that these days either. While i dislike them they obviously were an important point in music and i don;t think that many bands will match their longevity either as their music is fairly timeless.

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While my Guitar Gently Weeps

that's the first song that springs to mind for me.

i'd really have to reacquaint myself with all the songs, been a long time and they have a shit load of tunes. to stick to the thread i'll stick down 4 others i can recall...

don't let me down

the long and winding road

darn it, i'd really have to listen to them again... been too many years...

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

Hard een....

Day In the Life

Let It Be



Back In the USSR

(While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Hey Jude


Long and Winding Road

Come Together




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Changes all the time. Only five? But you stick on an album you haven't heard for ages and think "My god, this song is brilliant and it's only an album track that never gets played on the radio".

But I think my definite all time favourite would be:

Golden Slumbers/The End

Then it could all change, but at the moment I'll go for:

And Your Bird Can Sing

I Will

I'm Looking Through You

If I Needed Someone

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