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Brand New TC-Helicon VoiceTone Double vocal pedal


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Just bought this from RnB on saturday ( 3 days ago )

used it once at a 3 hour practice, and its amazing at what it does, but it wasnt the live effect i was looking for.

RnB wont let me take it back for cash i dont think, so my only option is to sell it here! theres not much i can say about the pedal without sounding like a noob so ill copy and paste some stuff from TC helicon's website haha!!


It takes skill, time and punch-ins to create a properly doubled vocal track in the studio and, until now, it was nearly impossible to accurately create the effect live. VoiceTone Double is a vocal effects pedal that creates up to four humanized overdubs from your voice - live! The presets range from overdubbed vocals that sound tight and intimate or loose and lively and whats more, Double includes pristine emulations of classic detune, microshift and chorus effects. With its timeless combination of natural and effected doubling, your live vocals can sound more like the CD.

* Creates up to four virtual overdubs of a performers voice in real time

* 10 preset style banks with 3 patches in each

* Uses advanced Inflection and FlexTime algorithms to create a realistic overdub sound

* Additional effects include emulations of classic microshift, chorus and detune using the Mod (micromod) algorithm from VoicePro

* Edit controls allow adjustment of the Pitch and Time modulations as well as balance adjustment between Overdub style doubling and Mod style effects

* Access your two customized patches during performance with A/B parts

* XLR Mic level input and output connectors in stereo and mono

* Clean, studio quality mic preamp with phantom power "

i payed 179.99 for this from RnB on saturday, and seeing as you easily could just go and do the same,ill have to drop the price t about 150

remember its brand new, in box with adaptor, full instructions etc, completely unscratched and unscathed, only used for under 3 hours.

dont think it was ever really designed for a power metal vocalist hahaha.

call Ricki on: 07867512787

or email me on Rickicaz1279@hotmail.com

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