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The Ghost Of Fudge

FINALLY! The Infamous Jamesy Weapon "Fudge Speeches 2005" Video Links...

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It's taken me freaking hours and kept me up ALL BLOODY NIGHT - I'm neither a techno geek, nor a great cataloguer of old VHS tapes sadly - but finally, due to massive popular demand:

They're Here...

(And please note: they're not exactly suitable for work unless you're a coal miner or a pimp or something).

... the infamous 'Jamesy Speeches'.

... I thought the videos might also give the uninitiated a little taste of what the Fudge Awards can be like. Err... well... largely of course, that's shambolic, drunken and drowned out by hecklers... still...

It was far less rowdy last year, although I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing really. On which note... :up:


Please remember that this years Fudge Awards take place at the Lemon Tree on Friday night. That's this Friday, Friday the 13th of February. The Lorelei, Samurai Fury and Edinburgh's Tyrant Lizard Kings will all be playing live too. Got that, yes? I hope to see you there... Tickets are onsale from the Lemon Tree box office, or you can play at the door...


Anyway, here's how Jamesy rolls...... let's see if the speeches are as good as you remember... :popcorn:

Firstly, because I really want to go to bed now, you can consider THIS clip a little warm up... It features Mr. Dan Weapon and Mr. Jamesy Weapon collecting the 'Most Punchable Scenester 2005' award on behalf of their singer, Mr. Ben Weapon.


YouTube - most punchable 05

... there's a second, even better rant to come, when our hero Jamesy returns to the Lemon Tree's hallowed stage to collect the 'Worst Band In Aberdeen 2005' award on behalf of My Minds Weapon.

You'll love it, but the fucking DVD file is still 'encoding' and the freeware currently claims, not unrealistically considering the bloody time the last one took, to have two hours left at the task of converting to MP4. And I'm going to bed.

I'll post part two of the rant in this thread later. xxx

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Actually, I watched the first one and was quite happy as it seemed relatively reserved and I couldn't see what all the fuss was about! Then I watched the second. Oh, to be young again.

Incidentally, I think I talked myself into trouble and didn't get any that night at all. Ach well.

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This is the first time i've seen these! What a hoot. Favourite moment - video 2, 1 min 50 on the button!

Jamesy: Who was that, sorry?

Craig: Right across there (points)

Jamesy: Yeah, does anyone give a shit what you think? No.

Dy-no-mite :D

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

Another thread, another hilarious tag.

I wish I could be there tomorrow to try and emulate that speech, when I inevitably get voted most punchable... ;)

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