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Battlestar Galactica (Inevitable Spoilers...)

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Though there might be sufficient fans of this excellent show to warrant its own thread.

Season 5 is turning out to be an absolute belter, saw episodes 2 and 3, and the webisodes the other night.

What an absolute fuck-face twat Gaeta has turned into! He's now leading the ship's first full-scale mutiny (marines trying to kill Adama Snr and Tigh!); still excellent to see a so far under-used (in this season) Starbuck back in full action-snogging-Apollo-cooking-fools glory.

The webisodes are intriguing, probably worthy of an episode proper. Turns out Gaeta had his own Number 8 Cylon lover back on New Caprica. He's also a bit AC/DC - he's having a gay tryst with Lt Hoshi!

Also - we're down to just one hybrid child, turns out Hot-Dog is the father of Cally's baby! Cue lots of scrapping between he and the Chief...

This is the best show on TV for a long time, even for non-Sci-fi types. I've yet to see anything in recent times with the same depth, character development, thematic range, excellent scripting, cast and production values. I'll be sad to see it come it end, read an interview with EJO that's suggests it's NOT gonna be a happy ending...

I'm old enough to remember the original BSG on telly, the old-skool stuff was a cheap Star Wars rip-off, but I remember really enjoying it. Never has there been a more effective 're-imagining' of an old TV show. New BSG covers themes of morality, mortality and religion, terrorism, war, politics and human (Cylon!?) nature; while at the same time staying action-packed and thoroughly entertaining.

Seriously, if you haven't checked it out, I would strongly recommend you do (the pilot tel-movie/min-series is pretty cheap to get you started) - if you're not a sci-fi fan, don't let the spacehips and 8 foot killer robots put you off. I think Kevin Smith said something along the lines of (paraphrased) "great science fiction is able to reflect modern-day life back at the viewer and reveal things that are difficult to cover in a contemporary based show". This couln't be more true of BSG. Seriously it's awesome.

Now for some theories...

To me, the identity of the last Cylon is pretty irrelevent compared to the grander question of where do they from here?

In keeping with the religious overtones - I think that Earth was once heaven in which Cylon and Human (and hybrids) lived peaceful, something happened, and Earth was destroyed - maybe Earth even works like a Ressurection Ship - hence Starbuck finding her own corpse. The humans are descended from the hybrids, who made their own Cylons, repeat war ad infinitum ("This has happened before, it'll happen again")

I also think Baltar is supposed to be a Joan of Arc/messianic figure - the evidence:

- God talks to him in the form of the 6, she props him up when he's down, she's always baging on about how much she loves him, she leaves him when they're on New Caprica and returns when he begs for absolution.

- His side is pierced Jesus-style when the renegade Base Star is attacked.

- There's loads more little hints over the course of the 4 seasons. The 6 definbitely represents God though....

Lovin' the BSG :up:

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Where did you watch the webisodes? Only place I've found them is the SciFi website and it won't let me watch them as they're "not available in my location" :(

Edit: actually, just found them on YouTube - more like MeTube for not looking there before :)

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I haven't seen any of the new season yet - must get on that. BSG really knocked me for six with how good it is. The only other TV show which has kept me so gripped has been The Wire but that's another kettle of fish altogether.

As was said above, really in depth and tackling a lot of modern day issues (Iraq invasion and political ideologies in Season 2 was very nicely done). It's a great piece of modern Sci Fi. If you ain't into fights in space, robots dressed as humans, and a little bit of new age mysticsm, then you aren't going to enjoy this much but if you are, then be ready to see a lot of more than just that.

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