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New Devin Townsend albums

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Phew...he has written 4 albums! He is quite prolific. I'm a happy chap.

"yeah, 4 records.

An Appetizer, 2 meals and a desert.

Ki is the appetizer...heavy chill. I start the next one the day after...then the next will be the symphony, then an ambient album.


Tentatively, Ki is the mellow-ish intro to the story (a very pointed theme though, it's unnerving)

Addicted is the next one, heavy, fun and dance-y ...I like good choruses and dancing.

Deconstruction is a treat for the syl and ziltoid fans...(and then some...damn...it's fucking nuts.)

The ambient album, (sand theme) will close it off.

All under dtp

Ki is pretty much done. Going away to do addicted...(Nepal?) Deconstruction is done, just needs the orchestra. Ambient will be a collection of improv.

Then I'm going on vacation.

No rest for the wikked."

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Im looking forward to "Kai". Dev reckons that he has managed to get a really heavy sound using clean tones!? Tweed amps, Signature strats etc. Well I suppose if someone can get a brutal heavyness from stuff like that then Dev is the man:up:

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