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Connect Cancelled


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I went in 2007 and absolutely loved it - then last year's bill was largely a shocker so I didn't go. Not sure if the ticket sales last year were poor or not but I think that may be equally a factor rather than 'the credit crunch'.

I mean, how can you bring the likes of Big Star, The Only Ones, The Fire Engines, Echo and the Bunnymen in a decent fucking slot for a change etc and replace them with The Levellers the following year?

A real shame as it was a great festival. I can see a lot of the satellite fests shutting this year though - as much a reflection on the demise of 'indie' in the popular consciousness as anything.

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I went in 2008 and absolutely loved it despite the pissing rain on the Sunday. Was intending to go this year so a bit gutted now but like folk have said already it is perhaps a good idea. Seems like it will go ahead next year so a sensible move to safeguard any future.

And the campsite last year was indeed a shambles. Driving tractors through the campsite after a week of rain and when the festival was in full swing maybe wasn't the best idea!

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There are too many festivals vying for attention, ergo stuff like this was bound to happen as soon as the financial ride aboard the good ship UK got a bit choppy. Multiple festival goers cut back the number they go to - less frequent flyers don't bother going at all.

More or less this - Some festivals will still do well, particularly for families because they offer good value & a range of stuff that makes the ticket price worthwile, whilst others with a less attractive line-up/ethos will undoubtedly be struggling.

Which may be a good thing in the long run?

Don't know where I'd place Connect in the scheme of things though but it has never appealed to me.

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