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T in the Park 2009


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So for anyone who is planning on going the line up for Oxygen has been announced which is the same weekend and tends to be a reflection of T. The headliners for Oxygen are The Killers, Snow Patrol and Kings of Leon which doesnt really make me want to go for the headliners but we'll see. Any thoughts?

Fukin dull as dishwater!! But dosent surprise me at the same time as they're all on the "festival circuit" as they all have new/ish albums out. :down:

DF/T has a retainer with Bowie after he had to cancel a few years back...so fingers crossed this will be the year and save the show.


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I heard a rumour that Bowie might be playing T in the Park in which case I'm there. With bells on. Throwing my knickers at the stage.

whooo I love bowie!! Saw him in Aecc once when Morrisey cancelled and most people got refunds FIT?? so thankful to that I had most of the aecc to dance aboot :) I was ecstatic


loathe TITP more and more each year, even more so now with doing foreign festivals! Sonar again for me this year

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

I get married on 11 July this year so won't be going..........

I missed T in the Park for the first time in 7 years last year - can't really say I missed it that much. Thought I'd miss it far more! I was at the wedding of good friends, which was far more enjoyable actually!

Wizard Festival is my new favourite :)

I'll definitely go back to Glastonbury sometime - 2007 was brilliant :up:

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