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First Ever Gig?

Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

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first festival experience?

mine was donnington '94 when it was still Monsters of Rock:

Aereosmith, Pantera, Sepultura, Wildhearts, Terrorvision, Therapy?, Biohazard (stage invasion!), Zak Wylde's Pride & Glory, some others and.... errr.... Extreme.

Extreme were quite entertaining considering the huge barrage of missiles they endured... Best bottle fight i've ever seen, my a country mile. They took it quite well, even going to the bother of pissing in their own bottles, and throwing them back at the crowd.

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first festival experience?

T in the Park 95 - the Saturday only though cos Sunday was appalling. One of the hottest days of the year and I bought a Menswe@r t-shirt (oh dear) which I almost lost at the front of The Prodigy.

I had to miss Supergrass cos the tent was full - but watched Therapy? instead - great swap!

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

First festival?

T in the Park 2001. The year Oasis and Chemical Brothers headlined along with Primal Scream, Foo Fighters, Green Day and a heap of others I can't actually remember at the moment......

The year it came down with massive hailstones halfway through Friday and we thought "what the fuck are we letting ourselves in for". Not to worry, I got sunburnt to fuck on the Saturday, and my brother got sunstroke. Good times.

Loved it :)

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first festival experience?

Futurama 1982 at a sports centre in North Wales. The gig was on the ice rink, with camping on the football & rugby pitches. Headlined by The Damned and New Order with the likes of Southern Death Cult, Dalek I, the Comsat Angels, Nico (yes, the Nico), The Alarm, Sex Gang Children and the Danse Society elsewhere on the bill. Fucking great weekend.

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree
Is it common for people to go to see Tom Jones for their first gig?*

*Reputation points if you get the correct answer to this question.


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UFO Capitol Theatre Aberdeen in 1979 I think - six of us dodged of school for a couple of days and came down from Wick - stage was stormed at the end and my mate managed to get on and avoid the bouncers who gave up trying to throw people off and let them get on with it - great night.

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First festival experience was The Big Day Out at Milton Keynes, where Metallica and Marilyn Manson headlined. I can't remember the year, 1999 maybe?

The first local Aberdeen gig I went to, by accident, was witnessing some really shit, sub Oasis wannabes at the Malt Mill. I was down with my Dad to see Bob Dylan I think. Later that night was my first trip to Drakes, when it was at the Castlegate. I think. I do remember being completely amazed that I wasn't ID'ed at the bar.

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First festival was Reading 1999.

It had a great line up, though there's a lot of that annoyance where you look back at line-ups of old festivals you were at and see bands you really like playing low down on the bill before you'd heard of them and you missed it. Coldplay opening the Radio 1 stage at 12 in the afternoon for example! Can't see that happening now.

Main Stage


The Charlatans

Chemical Brothers


Echo & The Bunnymen



The Dandy Warhols

Apollo 440

The Donnas




Fun Lovin' Criminals

The Divine Comedy


Beth Orton


The Pharcyde


Atari Teenage Riot


Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Offspring





Sick of It All


Backyard Babies


Radio 1 stage



The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


The Fall

Add N To X


Guided by Voices



Paradise Motel


3 Colours Red




Madder Rose

Six By Seven


My Life Story


Ten Benson






The Flaming Lips


Arab Strap


Luscious Jackson

The Auteurs

Grand Drive



Vans Warped Stage

Ice T


The Pietasters


Suicidal Tendencies

Blink 182

Less Than Jake

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You see, that's back in the day when the NME / Radio 1 stage at major festivals would have the likes of Stereolab and The Fall and not utter tripe like The Courteeners, The Automatic or Jamie T. It's supposed to be an alternative to the main stage but it's very difficult to tell them apart now.

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Only been to 3....not really a festival fan. The first was an all-dayer at Parkhead in 76 with The Who, Little Feat, SAHB etc...

Who Put the boot In Parkhead Glasgow 1976

(I'm in photo 1)

Second was Terrastock 5 in Boston...

Terrastock 5

(I'd been invited over to sing with Tom Rapp)

Third was Terrastock 6, when I did a proper Kitchen Cynics set...


you can hear how bad my set was here...

Terrastock 6

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First festival was T in the Park in 1996, which I think this was the last year it was at Strathclyde. Was only there for the day and Radiohead headlined but had to endure some ropeyness such as Space and Honeycrack (who if memory serves me right had four guitarists). Still, introduced me to a world of warm pints and noodles.

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