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Guitars/guitar parts for sale

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Epiphone les paul standard. 1996 cherry sunburst. Its in alright condition, but theres a dent around about the 12th fret which causes some problems. Its also missing a few tuning pegs. Would be relatively easy to fix up. 50

Eddie Van Halen Frankenstrat replica. Its a squier strat & looks awesome, a real labour of love, a work of art. 200

Yamaha acoustic. In good played condition. 30

Finally i have a guitar body....I dont know much about it, bought it on ebay years ago with the intention of building my own...Its really thin & light, has space for a floyd & is kinda strat shaped but different, if only i could post pictures! Thatd make it easier....20

I have pictures of all the above, so please give me a pm with your email address if anything is of interest.

Im open to offers on them all.


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