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I am looking for a Keyboard-God to a progressive-symphonic metal band called HeavenBlade. Our Influences ae Nighwish, Kamelot, DreamTheater, Tool, Gary Moore...

The Line-up: Female singer, Bassist, Drums.

Members, we are looking for: 1 (or maybe 2?) guitarist (s) must be able to play clear and well and a great keyboardist. The band is located in Aberdeen from March cause the singer and the bassist stay in Hungary at the moment. I am tha drummer and songwriter and enginier and... so I am the guy who sucks with the writing, sound, organizing... If you are interested contact me then and we can arrange some 'auditions', see the scores, bla. We have 9 songs written and almost ready with the first album called Melody of Oblivion. You can check it out here: hhtp://www.myspace.com/heavenbladebanduk

Rock on,


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