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Orbital to headline Rock Ness


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Now, here's some excellent news!

In some fantastic news for those of us who live many miles from Hadrian`s Wall, legendary dance duo Orbital have been added as headliners to Rock Ness for their first live show since calling it a day in 2004.

The Hartnoll brothers had already confirmed an appearance at The Big Chill this August, but this new show offers fans the chance to check them out two months earlier on the shores of Loch Ness in Inverness-shire when they play the main stage on Saturday 13th June as they celebrate an amazing twenty years in dance.

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Culturedeluxe - News - Orbital Set to Headline Rock Ness

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Bloody swicks! :swearing:

I suffered TITP 2004 to be at their "last" gig (which of course turned out not to be their last anyway).

I went to see Terrorvision on the last 2 dates of their last ever tour in 2001 after they announced their split.

They've done 5 tours since then. Each one concluding with a "last EVER show!". Just like the "last EVER show!" I went to in Bradford in 2001.

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