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PC Components Required

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Building a PC and require some parts. Going to get it all at the start of the week but I was hoping I could get a few things 2nd hand to lower the total cost.

Here's what I need. If you can get in touch with anything you can offer then I'll get back to you asap:

Motherboard- Micro ATX. This or similar- Motherboard

RAM- 2x2gb of DDR2 RAM. This or similar- RAM

Case- Antec Fusion. This one- Case

DVD- Blue Ray player. This or similar- Optical Drive

GPU- Nvidia 9800GTX or similar

TV card- standard digital card. This or similar- TV Tuner

Hard Drive- 500gb-1tb needed. Anything between that considered. Something like this- Hard Drive

Keyboard- Something wireless with touchpad. Like this- Keyboard


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