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Beyerdynamic Opus 155 Mk II Set and gooseneck mic

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Beyerdynamic Opus 155 Mk II Set. VHF Wireless System

consists of Beyer NE 100 S VHF Reciever and Beyer TS 100 Mk II Transmitter mini XLR

The set is still under manufacturers guarantee until July 2009. I bought this from a European site so it has European plug, but I have a Europe-UK plug adapter that I will include in the sale. It also comes with a small vocal microphone that you wear as a headset. This came in handy for a singing gig with Sumisumi where I was walking around while singing, or as someone described it 'robotic shuffling' :D

Also selling:

Beyer Opus 82.18 Clip-on condenser Mic. 4-pin mini XLR connection, which works with the Beyer transmitter.

This is a gooseneck mic, I have been using it by attaching it onto the bell of my saxophone. It would be ideal for any woodwind or brass instruments who fancy being wirelessly miced-up. Still under guarantee until July 2009.

Both mic and wireless system have literally only been used a few times for gigs.

Wireless system cost me 215, mic cost me 125, 340 in total.

I would like to sell them as a set to minimise hassle, so I am asking for 270.

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Hey folks

I made an, err, miscalculation with regards to finances for this month, so I am looking for a quick sale.

Anyone wanna haggle? PM me if you do.



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