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hxc/punk/pop drummer needed


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looking for a drummer to complete our band (3 piece)

we play different types/styles of music but mainly the above,we also like to write/play acoustically at times too

we would prefer a drummer 18+ who enjoys playing and is fairly commited and able to practice at least once a week,and someone that does not mind travelling/playing out of town once in a while.

a drummer that has own kit would be nice but if not we can work around that also maybe some backing vocals,mainly "whoa!" bits.

influences-comeback kid,no trigger,antiflag,apers,lillingtons,leftovers,biffy clyro,silverchair,four years strong,rancid,ataris,useless i.d,whitmore,graveltrap,4ft fingers,homegrown,

if your interested or want to know more first pm

we are having a practice at foyer on sun 12-2pm if anyone interested


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