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Drummer and singer needed.


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for a rock/metal band. none of that screamo shite either. just decent music with vocal and guitar harmonies, fast paced drum beats and shreddage, but we don't really stick to one genre all the time. we have slower songs with more feel and groove to them too so you have to be kinda flexible with that. nobody can be the super fast metal drunk asshole all the time. might seem picky but we actually want to be good.

drummer - must have his/her/its own kit, and be able to get it from a to b.

vocalist - must be decent, have a powerful voice and be able to help make harmonies cos i can't do it for shit

influences metallica, avenged sevenfold, shadows fall, zepplin, stone sour, black tide etc.

get in touch if you're up for it.

only serious people too, don't want to be fucked around.

oh, and you must be up for drinking sessions that last all night and leave you feeling like shit.... or someone that doesen't drink but is willing to look after us.

yeah im speaking shit. don't care about your age except you must be over 18. not saying that under 18's aren't talented. but theres some places that won't let you play unless the whole band is over 18.

if you wanna hear some of the riffs we've recorded (very roughly) on the pc, get in touch.

about us - me (berni) and my bro (alex) have been playing guitar together for fucking years. our sound is unique but catchy. we were in a band called krystal vision with and ever changing lineup. we played a fair few gigs, and didn't to too badly. then when we had a set lineup we changed our name to bite the bullet which is a cool name, took it from an yngwie malmsteen song. anyway, that lasted about 3 weeks haha. now we're starting another new band. me (guitar/vocals) alex(guitar) and rick (bass/vocals) needing a new name which we will obviously come up with when we find something that resembles us and our sound as a whole. and im really rambling on right now.

so yeah, you probably read 2 or 3 lines of this and are about to send a silly reply.

if you're interested, hit me up :D

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