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Big Clearance - basses,amps,effects etc

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Hi folks, Have just lost my job and am getting married in 5 weeks so really need to make cash quick!!! Have taken pictures of everything but think theres a problem with the usb on my pc so will get pictures up asap!

Heres whats for sale:

1974 Gibson Ripper, natural, good condition for age, comes with tatty old case - 400

1978-79 gibson g-3 bass, black, good condition for age - 350

1976 ish? frettless gibson grabber (seems to be very rare) blue (not sure if original colour) good condition, fretboard is mint - 250

Burns Bison Bass, black, comes with a nice case, a few dings but nothing serious - 200

Behringer ep1500 power amp in gator case, 1400w / 2x700w, Mint condition - 100

Behringer ultrabass BB410, 4x10 bass cab, 1200w, great condition - 70

Behringer ultrabass BB115, 1x15 bass cab, 600w, great condition - 50

Behringer bass v-amp pro, great condition - 70

HH 212BL, 2x12 guitar cab, 100w, good condition and built like a tank - 70

Vox Escort 30 guitar amp from the 70's I think, 75w, fuzz normal and distortion inputs, footswitch, pretty tatty to look at but works well - 80

Let me know if your interested, all offers considered!!!

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