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The Mighty Boosh Weekend @ Moshulu

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Hey peeps,

As most of you will know, THE MIGHTY BOOSH tour rolls into town this weekend to our fair city.If you didnt know they are playing the AECC Friday and Saturday this weekend.

Having been to the show before and knowing a lot of folk like to make it an event / a big deal with fancy dress etc, we are going to have a boosh style them this weekend in Moshulu. Also, we know heaps of people who didnt get tickets and seem to be up for dressing up, getting involved etc.

Were trying to get the boosh themselves for an afterparty (still waiting to hear back from their management so fingers crossed)

Long shot but you never know...will keep you posted.

Anyway, in the meantime, details are as follows:

Free entry Friday and Saturday night:

before 12pm,

anyone with a flyer,

in boosh dress,

with a mighty boosh ticket stub,

3 without the above on both nights.

Drinks promos as usual weekend rates.

Flyer staff will be distributing the free passes outside the AECC both nights and are available from bassment also on the night.

Friday night - Kamikazi Rock night with DJ PSYDOLL

Saturday - Adventures in Stereo night with DJ STEVEN MILNE

Ive already looked out my Gary Numan cds and a copy of electro boy.

Just need to find a mirrorball suit and a suitable Howard Moon lookalike......



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