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Guest idol_wild
It's up to the people who post the thread to put the necessary information in the title.

Drummonds sometimes tend to not put their gigs up in the calendar. Obviously, we'd like everyone who's putting on gigs in Aberdeen to post the details here, but that doesn't happen, unfortunately.

One of the gigs I did last year, after the site re-vamp, was posted up in the Gigs section with the line-up, date, and venue all in the title, only for the date to be removed by whichever moderator approved the thread.

Also, wouldn't it be possible to automatically add an event/gig to the calendar once it is posted in the Gigs section? Essentially, it feels like I have to post two threads for the same gig...we never used to have to do this, did we? ?(

I also used to really like the RSVP part of gig/event threads.

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For what its worth I've started using you more and more lately. I only know of the site because of a link to a preview I found on here.

Drummonds is certainly one that needs an online pressence date and artistwise, and the Tunnels site is usually a bit behind too.

Good work fella, keep at it. :up:

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