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Bomb The Music Industry

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The first GFN? night of 09 promises to be a real treat!!!


Bomb The Music Industry! is a musical collective from New York. They write, produce, record (sometimes only through the microphone on an iMac), and distribute all of their music under the leadership of lead songwriter and producer Jeff Rosenstock. Over the course of a million members, four albums, two location changes, one seven inch and a bunch of compilation tracks, the collective has gone from being misunderstood by friends and family to staggeringly slight internet buzz. This is probably because Bomb! releases all their music for free online, disguising carefully planned marketing as D.I.Y ethic! "We'd like to think it's because of the music, which some reporters have incorrectly called 'ethereal', 'stunning musicianship' and 'a masterpiece on the same level as Picasso.' Not completely forgetting about record-collecting nerds, vinyl versions of BTMI albums have also been released.

Bomb the Music Industry! plays a blend of several musical styles anchored onto ska and punk. They're often compared to bands from previous waves of ska such as the Blue Meanies, Fishbone or Big D and the Kids Table, that blended a range of influences and experimental effects onto the ska framework common in each band's respective eras. Bomb the Music Industry! also share similarities with popular ska/punk acts such as Catch-22 and Slapstick. The influences go deeper than ska and punk, however, as studio experimentation, synth-pop, and DC hardcore pop up in the mix.

Bomb The Music Industry! also tries to be nice to people. They will burn you a CD or even go so far as to bring stencils and paint along to shows for kids to make their own "official" t-shirts; you just have to bring your own shirt. That's gotta be cool because now Beck is doing it. As always, anyone at their shows who knows a song and brings their own instrument is welcome to perform with them on-stage.

>>> myspace.com/bombthemusicindustry

Support comes from Edinburgh synth-alt-rockers Taking Chase

& locals The Hijacks & Heller State

Thur 5th Feb @ The Tunnels

Doors 7:30pm, 5 tax*

*This will also get you in for free to the first Cheesy Punk club night which follows the gig!

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Dont be put off by the description of Taking Chase as synth alt-rockers

Anyway, another great GFN night coming your way, Bomb the Music Industry are becoming a huge favourite on the punk rock scene around the world and you'll be silly to miss them if you like that kind of stuff!

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