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Netbook? and another - images not of netbook

Guest Hobo

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Hi, I was in a shop the other day pissing about with netbooks through sheer interest and found this


Surely these low cost netbooks are meant for students as a cheap portable solution. Why is it suggested not to use them for document creation? ?( Does anyone have any feedback on these capabilities?

On another look



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Surely these low cost netbooks are meant for students as a cheap portable solution.

I don't think they're aimed at the student market. They look like they're made for someone who needs to keep in touch and do some light computing on the move but have a PC at home/the office on which they do most of their work.

I imagine students would benefit most from the less portable but much more powerful laptop.

From what I remember of my brief investigation of these things you do get less bang for your buck compared to laptops, the only reason they're in the tempting range financially is because some bright spark has finally figured out that if you tell M$ where to stick its OS and install Linux instead you can make the price much more attractive.

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I can't see the pictures in the original post, but I can touchtype at full speed on my Acer Aspire One and use it for document creation all the time (mostly lyrics ideas though, but I'd use it for bigger documents without much trouble). Read lengthy eBooks on it as well.

Might be a pain with big diagrams though but since I bought mine I'd say I'm using it more than my 17 inch laptop, just because it's easier to whip out and check the internet and do some other small tasks at home rather than clearing a space big enough for my main machine.

XP is also the most popular choice for netbooks and is only 30 or 40 more expensive than the linux models. Not a whole lot if you fear linux. If you're going for one of the more upmarket ones like the Samsung NC10 then you only have the choice of XP.

I bought a linux one though because I'm a geek and thought it would give me a good opportunity to learn about it over christmas.

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havent posted here since joining, but this is a conversation which caught my eye.

i was an early-adopter of the original asus eeepc 701. a lot of people gave me grief about its size but they soon changed their mind after realising just how handy the little machine is.

admitedly, spec-wise it wasnt amazing, but by overclocking it i could quite happily play battlefield 1942 and run sony vegas.

i was so impressed by this wee machine that i ordered the asus eeepc 901 when it was announced. This one has a 9inch screen and 1.6ghz processor.

This laptop has not struggled with any software i have tried on it and is capable of playing a surprising number of slightly older games. The processor is also capable of hitting 1.9ghz, plus with the price of solid state drives dropping this year it is pretty upgradeable!

4 of my friends now own an eee after pissing about with mine. We all do have desktops at home, but you just cant beat an eee 901 for being a comfortable size, cheap, easy to use and bullet-proof.

...buy an eee 901.

appologies for my rant, but i am sick of folk assuming that these will only be capable of reading e-mails and browsing the internet.

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