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AMBITEOUS female vocalist/ rhythm guitarist

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looking for band members are up for a bit of fun but also alot of hard work :-P

I'm 19 and had four years experience of playing in a band back up north where i come from. The band has done not too bad having come second in the ultimate chill competition in dundee and done other various gigs like eden court and stuff but the other members being so far north, the band has kind of come to the end of the line.

I've got a pretty good range and can tailor my voice to suit most styles and can be gutsy when i need it to be. I'm just desperate to get a good tight band on the go. Not too fussy about what style of music, so long as its not country, metal or anything with screamo in it :-P Would be up for anything acoustic, blues,pop, rock, indie, just anything really! just want to write some good original tunes and get somewhere with it!

If you think you might be interested contact me (cat) on catsmellsteenspirit@hotmail.com

and please do contact me! x

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