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1 more sleep


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Usual meeting in the Stable Bar in Elgin for Darts tonight at 7.30pm followed by visits to Thunderbum and Downtown. Home for 3.30amish... up for 11am xmas drinking/eating at home for the day/evening.

Downtown! *raises finger*

I'm in Laurencekirk this year, so I'll be round to an old school friend for 7, then probably the Western, then the Crown 'disco' (*finger again*), then my drinks cupboard at home.

Good times :love::up:

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I am such a kid when it comes to Christmas. I'm pretty much away to bed in about half an hour...

Spent most of the day in my pyjamas drinking tea and watching telly...the other half nipping back and forth to the shop getting sugar/cream/flour/whatever my Mum ran out of whilst baking...

Fudge half an hour...I'm away to bed now...wooooo!!

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