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The Ghost Of Fudge

Blaze Bayley - (ex Wolfsbane/Iron Maiden) - Moorings Gig

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From Larry Paterson's (Blaze's drummers) Tour Blog on MySpace:

"On to Aberdeen and a nice long trip in the Balzemobile. We were playing the Moorings Bar, which was a superb venue, once again run by very cool people. We were actually spending the night in a band flat co-inhabited by sound man Dan a ten-foot tall bloke who was very nice to us as we invaded his homestead. This time the gig was a blinder, both from the audience and band point of view. We had crowd surfers, stage divers and all kinds of madness. Once woman had belted her head on the monitors when Decadenze were on and by the time we came on she had a bump like a rhinos horn on her head, but was ferociously headbanging away through the whole set. Really enjoyed it and we hung about and joined all manner of merriment afterward. Unfortunately Blaze was very under the weather. We had had a slightly dodgy curry dinner at 2am in Newcastle and compounded that by Burger King the next day.and fair to say that the King wreaked its revenge on Blaze who was as sick as a dog that night almost as soon as he came off stage.

Nonetheless, a splendid time was had by those of us not assassinated by the King, and were all looking forward to going back to Aberdeen."

So I reckon that EVERYONE, the crowd, the band, the staff, and the venue... can can all give ourselves a big pat on the back.

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