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Pet Hates!

Guest idol_wild

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antidote from Del:

Please copy & paste this bollocks to your status if you are constantly being asked to copy & paste some bollocks to your status by friends who copy & paste bollocks to their status. Many people won't copy & paste this bollocks but sarcastic friends will copy & paste this utter bollocks!

nae bad like, I didn't even think...just followed....

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Guest Bob Knob
Pet Hate: WWE isn't as good as it used to be. The acting has serious took a turn for the worst.

Pet hate: People who call it WWE. No, it's WWF. I don't care if you're technically right, it's WWF.

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King Street Morrisons. Hell hole. Get some fucking staff. Is that so much to ask? A supermarket with ample staff levels? It's absolutely swarming just now. They are severely understaffed and the self service checkouts are never completely working. Went in this morning for a measly loaf of bread, and queued for 15 minutes as 3 out of 8 self service checkouts were working and every normal till was mobbed. I didn't even consider it to be a peak time. Heaving.

What a shit tip.

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