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Red Stripe Music Awards 09

Steven Milne

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Please note I am not involved in this directly - dont PM me submissions or links.

Read below.

Event = 24th January 2009 / Moshulu

Are you an unsigned band or artist? If so, then sign up for The Red Stripe Music Award 2009 now and have your chance to play at one of the countrys best loved live music venues at a date between January and April next year. (Moshulu in Aberdeen confirmed for Saturday 24th January).

If youre lucky enough to be picked and you prove to be a storm on the night you may even end up entertaining a raucous crowd at Londons Kentish Town Forum at the final in May, where four bands will play for a chance to secure a slot at three of next summers favourite festivals as well as recording and releasing your own single.

The finalists will also enjoy the luxury of having a year round beer supply, get kitted out with the most up to date Merc trends and get their hands on some first class Fender equipment.

The gig series is open to all bands playing any manner of music, completely and utterly unbiased. As a grassroots event, Red Stripe asks only that youre over 18 years old and put your heart and soul into every performance with original tracks that deserve to be exposed.

Sign up now by clicking through to this link: submit - Red Stripe - Jamaican Lager Beer. You will then be contacted to choose your nearest venue and hopefully shortlisted for one of 25 regional line ups.

This year the Red Stripe Music Award is supported by The Fly Magazine, Best Before Records, Fender and Merc clothing.

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We have been picked to play this year at Moshulu.

Normally we would run a mile from Battle of the Bands type things, but this is not like that Imho.

We take onboard Clouds points but we have to pay for our own travel etc to gigs anyhoo.

That fact there is none of this voting malarky and we dont have to sell x amount of tickets, is all good.

It's win win as far as we can see and if all that happens out of it, is that we get a Sat night at Moshulu and our fans get to see us for free, it's still been well worth it.

Blood Red Shoes got to the final London gig in 2007 and if it's good enough for them:kiss:

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