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Singer starting Heavy Rock/Metal band


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I'm looking to put together a new band. Original songs. Gigging ASAP. Dedicated - a practice or two every week. I'm a bitty tired of seeing bands sacrificing good song writting to be as heavy as possible - or maybe I'm just old at 21.

Something along the lines of Black Sabbath/Down/Faith No More is what I'm aiming for though.

I've got someone interesting in playing guitar (rythme with a few lead touches apparently) and maybe got a drummer lined up.

So I'm looking for a lead guitarist, bassist and if there are any drummers really up for it then I could always tell the other guy he's been outbid ;)

Or perhaps a fight to the death? Mortal Kombat style? And I'll be Shang Tsung sitting on a throne in the background waiting to consume the soul of the combatant (kombatant?) who loses! Good times. Shang Tsung was a better final boss than Shao Kang.

I quite fancy trying to get whoever's interested together for a few drinks at a fairly quiet drinking establishment maybe later next week or something.

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