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Bass & Drums for Old School Doom Metal Band - Aberdeen/Inverness Area


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My family and I will be moving to the Inverness area in the New Year, but this means that I will have to leave my current doom metal band, just when we're starting to make a name for ourselves...

I'd like to get something up & running ASAP once we've moved and got settled, and don't mind travelling down to Aberdeen for the right band/people, though, I would prefer to be based closer to Inverness for more frequent rehearsals. I'm 39 and have kids, would prefer people with a bit more maturity, but who still want to rock out & write some new material.

Influences bit: Sabbath of course, St Vitus, The Obsessed/Spirit Caravan/The Hidden Hand, Celtic Frost, Candlemass, Trouble, Unorthodox, The Lamp of Thoth, Revelation, Warning, Winter, Electric Wizard, Hawkwind, Discharge, Amebix, etc, etc.

Bands I've shared bills with: Cathedral, Count Raven, Solstice, Mourn, Acrimony, Sleep, Penance, Warning, Pagan Altar, The Lamp of Thoth, Witchsorrow, Lazarus Blackstar, Gusto Mastivo, Unsilence, and quite a few others...

If you want to hear material, check out: Misericorde Myspace Page

Reviews of the first CD:

Hellride Music Review

Tinnitus Mag Review

The Sleeping Shaman Review

I may post some more links in the not too distant future, we've just done a second CD, which has been sent out for review.

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