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Onion Terror calling it a day!


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Its true, its true! After almost 9 years of pop-punking around the North East, Onion Terror will be getting chopped up as of February 2009. Stuart, Stuart and myself are all very sad to see this and would also like to give a big shout to Steven Fraser & Andrew Coutts for their time in the past too. With practices becoming harder to schedule and having to turn down some great gigs it seems better for us to go out now, than to keep flogging the same set and dying away slowly over a few more years.

Weve had an ace time playing venues, pubs, cellars, parties, radio stations and a ton of other places throughout the years and would like to thank every single person that came to all of our gigs and sang, clapped, booed, danced, competed in challenges or - most likely: got shit-faced. Id like to thank the Fudge guys especially for having bags o faith in us; from our first scene gig (Deadloss E.P. Launch at Dr Drakes) to playing Birthday Bashes and Awards. Theyve done so much for local bands and its only fitting that our last gig will be a fudge night.

For now: were going to be recording our latest set of songs throughout January for one last CD/EP and releasing it (although probably after the last gig). We also plan to record our last gig and release it in alongside the last CD - depending on how long it will take to mix.

For the future; well probably all pick up other projects in one form or another, but there are still a few more chances to catch us ripping up a stage - these will be...

Tonight (11th Dec 2009); at the Tunnels with Avoid The Morning and open mic legend Scott Ironside. 3, with a free Onion Terror X-mass CD on the door. Opens at 8pm.

Sunday (14th Dec 2009); Tunnels with I am not left handed (from Ireland), Sarah Tingle & Fiona Kennan and Paul Cuthbert. 3 and doors at 8pm.

Monday 23rd Dec 2009; Shmu FM Christmas bash TBC.

And our Last Ever Gig:

31st January 2009 The Moorings Bar Fudgenight.

With Scunner / Bronto Skylift / Escape to Victory!

3 entry ? First act on at 8:30pm

After that, you may catch us playing one-off gigs, but we will no longer be actively practicing / gigging / baptising / competitively breeding / snorkeling / participating in dog shows or breastfeeding.

It's been a hoot!


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OT were always one of the bands that I never managed to see often enough. After you played the Lorelei Christmas gig a couple of years ago, you wouldn't believe the amount of 'our people' who came up asking about you...

As someone else said, very underrated. Hopefully we'll see something else good come out of this though. Evolution...

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