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OLP MM3 5 string bass for sale - 140


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Hi there

For sale I have an OLP MM3 5 string bass. It is natural finish, black pickguard and maple fingerboard. It is in good cosmetic condition - no dings. It has had some modifications - an improved Hipshot string retainer at the headstock and a battery box fitted. I was going to add active electronics to this bass but I never got round to finishing the job. The ground work is there in case anyone fancies doing the job.

Not much else to say about these - a licensed copy of the Musicman Stingray 5, 34" scale, 1 humbucking pickup, currently wired Volume/Volume/Tone as per standard for these basses (the two volumes control each coil of the pickup).

Enough yap, have some photos:




Hipshot string retainer


battery box

Based upon recent eBay sales these seem to go for around 130-150 + postage so let's say 140.

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