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Mesa Boogie The Road King


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Hi guys,

Can anybody help me here. I've never tested on of these babies 'The Mesa Boogie Road King' but i know they have a big hefty price tag that comes with them hehe. Has anybody tested one of these amp heads and are they worth the money?

Some independant reviews...


Mesa/Boogie Road King Head: Harmony Central User Reviews


Mesa/Boogie Road King 212 Combo: Harmony Central User Reviews

3 large is a lot of scratch for an amp.

You don't need to spend megabucks for a good amp. I just bought a tiny Blackstar HT-5 combo for 200 as a practice amp. It's so good that it'll be getting mic'd up at our next gig.

Blackstar HT5 - 5 Watt Combo

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i have the roadster which is exactly the same amp, the only difference being that you cant mix and match the tubes. for example with the road king you can have 1 channel with 6l6 and another with el34 or that. the roadster just gives you the option of 6l6 or el34 for all channels.

its a major beast of an amp though. all mesa's are expensive, same as diezel and bogner but in my opinion they blow a lot of amps out of the water for tonal variety and options.

its all taste though as you might want an amp with 50 watts and 1 channel or something like the road king that has endless options.

amazing amps. i was going to sell my roadster as i now have a lonestar and stilleto but i think i will just store it and pull it out now and again.

dont be put off though by shelling 3 G's on an amp to get a good tone. i say if you can afford it then go for it. another option is the diezel VH-4, has 4 channels and sounds just as good (ask dan) and costs about a grand less. same as the roadster, as i said everything is exactly the same soundswise as the roadking

by the way the road king and roadster have amazing clean channels. best i have heard. they were based on the lonestars cleans. just listen to jp from dream theaters cleans as he used the road king and now uses the lonestar for them

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