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I now own some art by a Turner Prize winner...

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...and so can you if a) you are so inclined and b) the limited edition number has not been reached (5000).

Its a computer generated print by Keith Tyson which randomly generates vertical bars, determined by an analogue model (presumably) of a roulette wheel, to create new incidences of his extant series of History Paintings. Of course my one is the best, entitled 'History Painting (December, West end glasgow)', but I would say that. I like this experiment with custom web art, and may get it printed, but I like geometric abstraction anyway.

Its all here Charlotte Higgins on culture | Culture | guardian.co.uk and indeed here

Keith Tyson

Get arted.

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I agree, in that if the aesthetic of the piece does not compel the viewer, the conceptual framework behind it is irrelevant. Thankfully I like the aesthetic of these works*, which is then complemented by the reasoning behind it.

*I quite like things that set out to fry your optic system, particularly Bridget Riley.

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I'll only pay if I get it properly printed and framed, which I will, but not in this financial cycle. It scarcely needs saying, but of course everyone reacts individually to all art, some people think that the Sutherland Collection Titians are not worth paying 50m for, when they are blatantly priceless and add to the cultural strength of the nation, as equals to the Sistine Chapel and any of Leonardo's work, indeed any artwork that can be imagined.

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