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I'm leaving Aberdeen (& the UK).

Humey Whilem

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Alright then. Here is my leaving note.

Im gonna look like a right emotional here but theres some things I want to say and some people I want to thank.

I will be leaving Aberdeen for Groningen, Netherlands on the 19th of december, Im hoping to be in Pittsburgh USA in about 6 more months.

Its a long wait but I think itll be worth it.

Ive got a few last gigs, if anyones interested:

11th: Tunnels: THOMAS TRUAX (boy am I happy)

15th: Peacock (not green pony but as the jannes van der wal appreciation society)

So, what will I miss?

I had an absolutely great time in Aberdeen (musicwise). Most people I met through music have been absolutely amazing.

Special mentions (in chronological order I suppose) go out to Jim & Sharon @ Drakes. I was SO happy when I found Drakes. And them in it.

It kind of reminded me of Vera in Groningen. If anyone ever goes to Groningen (unlikely?) then Vera is a good starting point for an ace night out.

Its Drakes but 6 times as big...

The people at IMP was step two in discovering where to go for good music and Mikes brilliant jokes (ahum :] ). Thank you!!

And once I met Kevin Allan (Welfare Mother Superior jumping the gun) I was set. I immediately loved his songs. Lyrics AND guitarwork.

I really hope he can get himself to go play more, on his own too. As much as I hope I add something nice to his songs, his stuff is wonderful enough as it is.

In fact: somebody book him for a solo gig please? PLEASE?

Through playing as a welfare mother I met so many other nice & brilliant people and heard so much great music.

I was chuffed when Andy & Jim of Staccato Set fame asked me to make some noise with them. I loved it!

And I dont know who Im more jealous of now: Phil or Jim & Andy!

I love the Kitchen Cynics and am megachuffed to have been on stage with you Alan. AND Im on one of the cds!

Also shared the stage with Lorenzo Snow & Kathryn Sawers (Johnny Cash Night), Khar Leong aka How Deep is the Valley and Steven Milne. Thanks.

Heres a list of some of the music/people that I like & will miss musically and otherwise:

Amy/Kathryn Sawers (!)

Kitchen Cynics

Tupelo Town Assembly

Pete McConville/Sheepdog & Tom the Noisemonger & Ross & Lila etc etc.

Sarah J. Tingle

Little Kicks / Steven Milne



Hugh Anderson

Jenni (thank you so much)

Kilau (and everyone in it!!!!)

Kartta (and everyone in it!)

Fiona Keenan

Lorenzo Snow Collective (somebody pull Phils finger out because he wont do it)

Khar Leong aka Sandy aka How Deep Is The Valley

The Bum Bond


No Pasaran (ooh, aah)

Christ I could go on forever... PLEASE dont hold it against me if I missed you out.

If I think you are good then I would have told you. Same goes if youre rubbish J

Ive said this before but I always repeat myself anyway:

Aberdeen has a great music scene compared to other places Ive been. Bands all know and support each other, get each other gigs etc.

Its not always like that. On top of that the promotors deserve credit too. Not every city even has promotors in the first place. Im used to dealing with the venues directly which was almost always pish.

I have certainly learned a lot. I will definitely try to get into promoting (If anyone wants a gig in Groningen? Or possibly Pittsburgh once Im there?).

I also think So Quiet It Kame is a thing worth re-establishing elsewhere. I will steal that idea. Yoinks.

Before coming over I was hoping to join a band of some sorts, I could not imagine the stuff that I ended up doing. I would never have been able to do the Green Pony / Jannes van der Wal Appreciation Society stuff back home.

So, what do I need to bring with me? Haggis, yes, a nice whiskey, yes. Any local music I should be checking out before I go? Any other recommendations?

So far Ive got loads of welfare mothers, some kitchen cynics, kathryn sawers (yes, I have 2 recordings!), Steven Milne + a live accoustic little kicks set, Pete the McConville, Tom the Noisemonger, Staccato Set, Found, Khar Leong.

I want to get my hands on some little kicks. Kartta & debutant are on their way I hope, and some Amy Sawers.

Lastly, I think Aberdeen-Music deserves a mention. There is no such thing in other cities Ive been in.

Im trying desperately to find something similar for Pittsburgh. There are some websites, some with a forum, but most of it is rubbish.

I think aberdeen music is quite unique in the sense that the largest part of the music scene is on here in some shape or form.

I am kind of looking forward to moving back. Id much rather move to the US straight away, but Ive got a visa to wait for.

Im deadnervous playing my own stuff back home though.. Very nervous.

And after that on to the USA!

Christ this has turned out into a boring lengthy message. I really cant be arsed at work now that Im leaving so this is what I did this morning. Sorry to bore you with this. Sorry if I've missed anyone out (I'm sneaking about at work)!

Cheers everyone. I'm sure I'll bump into people before I leave on the 19th.

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John....you will be much missed.....a massive loss to the local scene!! I remember the first time I saw you playing (very early Welfare Mothers one at the Belmont), and it was great watching you playing in various styles. I found every gig was better than the last, so it was always a pleasure to see you live, with my favourite being your pissed one at the Tunnels not long ago.

Susan says one of her favourite songs is the Kitchen Cynics vs Green Pony one, 'envelope/tin/box' on the September CD.......think I'll post it onto my myspace tonight!

See you on Thursday!!!:kiss:

edit: I've just put it up (plus 'Creatures of the Autumn Equinox'), although it comes up just as Kitchen Cynics.....sorry 'bout that!

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trip to gronigen

we're organising a trip to gronigen probably in february to play some gigs there, assuming john finds venues etc. it wont cost much if we can find cheap flights, ferrys, etc. and we can stay with john's mother who has a fine musical pedigree - she's seen The Band live! if anyone would like to find out more about that then let me know.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Above trip is now definitely happening!

Anyway, I went to see a band for the first time last saturday.

Not intentionally, they just happened to play in one of my old haunts.

WOW. This is what I hate about Dutch music in general: the terrible blandness of it all!

These guys were as white as can be, and trying to do jamaican reggae/ska. Bo-ring!

And the worst thing was, the singer was trying his best to do it all in a jamaican accent/voice. Even the stuff in Dutch...


Did I miss anything good in Aberdeen?

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we're organising a trip to gronigen probably in february to play some gigs there, assuming john finds venues etc. it wont cost much if we can find cheap flights, ferrys, etc. and we can stay with john's mother who has a fine musical pedigree - she's seen The Band live! if anyone would like to find out more about that then let me know.



I love Gronigen - they have bars that rotate which i thought was brilliant. Not sure why...drei Schwesters or something?!

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I TOLD you Aberdeen had a good music scene.

As an example of some of the conversations I've had:

I spoke to my old neighbour who I thought I got along with socially. He does a lot of music stuff, I basically said "we should talk music over a cup of coffee sometime?"

His response: "Why?" (literally all he said). With a face as if I was some random.

So was about to say it'd be nice and interesting, and he interupted me saying "is it for 'school' or something?" with a face as if he was the modern equivalent of bloody Mozart.

I forgot about the arrogance of Dutch musicians. They think they're the king because the place is so small & everyone knows them.

Miss you all. Kiss. Lots of serious ice skating madness going on here.

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