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PSP and 4 games plus a few bits and bobs


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Im selling my psp, 4 games, a 32mb and 2gb memory card with a memory card adaptor, four disc cases a car charger and protector carry case. unfortunetly i have lost the charger for it, im not sure where it is but i will have a rake about see if it turns up, the four games are burnout ledgends, ridge racer, prince of persia revelations and gta liberty city stories. the screen was recently replaced as the previous one cracked during transporting it home from malaysia, it will be fully charged when bought as i have a charger for my camera that fits it for the moment. looking for 80 ono, everything is in good working condition, other than a small scratch on the back psp logo on the disc tray there is no other problems with it. if anyone would like to see photographs let me know and i will post them.

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